deep tissue QC-D. discounted product.

800mg deep tissue.

discounted deep tissue salve 09.20.19 for the following reasons.

  • darker than usual coloring (more chlorophyll in cbd extract)
  • stronger than usual earthy scent (more chlorophyll in cbd extract)
  • softer than usual structure

chlorophyll is a green plant pigment that is high in antioxidants and antioxidants. hemp is very high in chlorophyll. because we minimize our refining process to retain the highest possible quality and integrity of extract, some extracts have higher levels of chlorophyll. this does not cause any functional problems or reductions in therapeutic value, but it does add an earthy scent and darker green color to the product. to avoid confusion and concern about a changing formula, we will not sell this product at regular price. instead we are discounting it for people who don’t mind getting a product that is slightly different than the typical batch.

nacher & roots apothecary run all products through rigorous quality control testing to ensure a premium experience & result. not all batches pass every test. if a product batch doesn’t pass all 26 premium checks, we won’t put it on our shelves or sell to clients. this batch of 800mg deep tissue meets all standards of purity, extract quality, ingredient integrity and therapeutic effect. we never sell product that fail any of these core QC standards. products that don’t meet aesthetic standards and experience will be offered at a discount with instructions on any adjusted use recommendations.

if you have any questions about QC discounted product, please email 


800mg CBD From Organic Hemp

Muscles - Joints - Inflammation

  • Low Temperature Hemp Extraction
  • Full Spectrum Cannabinoid & Terpene Profile
  • Lab Tested: Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis
  • Blended with Arnica & Organic Essential Oils

2oz (57g) Cannabidiol Salve

Under The Lid:
*Coconut Oil
*Bees Wax
*Sunflower Oil
Arnica Infusion (Arnica, *Olive Oil)
*Eucalyptus Oil
*Lavender Oil
*Menthol Crystals
*Peppermint Oil
Low Temperature Distillation Hemp Extract (CBD)
Vitamin E
*Certified Organic Ingredient



This is one of the only "as needed" products that we carry. Use the CBD deep tissue salve as much or as little as you want. For days that a worse, use more. In general, start off using 2-3 pea sizes work of product in the areas where relief is needed 2x daily. From here, feel free to use more or less. This is a super simple product that does not require "loading" phases or complicated serving instructions. 

Initial Sensation

The Deep Tissue Salve goes far beyond a CBD infusion. While the hemp extract (cbd) contributes tremendous value to the product, there is a synphony of beneficial supporting ingredients that make this product uniquely sensational. When you first apply the 400mg CBD or 800mg CBD deep tissue sale, you will feel a penetrating warming & cooling sensation from the menthol and essential oils. These aromatic plant extractions work deep into the muscle tissue and joints to stimulate blood flow and carry the other active ingredients (arnica and cbd) into the local tissues. This warming and cooling sensation will feel the same in both the 400mg and 800mg deep tissue salve. 


This product has a strong minty and earthy scent. To the vast majority of clients, this scent is pleasant and uplifting. However, some people are looking for unscented relief. This is not possible with the deep tissue salve. This ingredient deck is specifically designed to provide a level of relief that is not possible without the entire ingredient list. We do not put any scents or oils in this product that don't serve an important functional value. If we took any ingredient out, it would not be the same product. For people seeking unscented relief, please request a free sample of the deep tissue salve before purchasing or you may be interested in a different product line from a different company. 


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