Our little pupster formula is a super simple blend of high quality CBD extraction and Organic Olive Oil. Working CBD into your dogs daily routine can help


The Good Stuff:

*Olive Oil

Low Temperature Distillation Hemp Extract (CBD)

Dogs are very receptive to CBD supplementation and owners can quickly notice a difference in their pet's energy levels, anxiety levels and mood. Within a few days (sometimes up to a week), you should be able to determine whether your pet is benefiting from CBD supplementation.

Use consistently: Add 10-20 drops of CBD into dog food 1-2x daily.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Bridget Nathan
Remarkable products!

Really brings ease to an elderly husky and an English setter pup!

Deronda Maniscalco
Scamper boy feels better

my 16 year old bishon schnauzer mix seems to be less stiff. He bounces across the porch in the morning , instead of releaving himself before he gets to the grass. I think it is helping his pain. The crystal and sliver of soap in the package was a nice touch. Thank you.

Kristen Gomes
Athena approved!

So happy I bought this for my little puppster Athena. She is 8 years old and gets a lot of activity walking and hiking with me everywhere. This has proved to help her sleep through the night and I notice I get a better sleep without being kicked :) due to her restlessness. She is more happy during the day and loves the taste of this stuff. I was worried she wouldn't like the taste but she goes crazy for it!!!

Steve Hinman
Lil Pupster CBD is wonderful!

Our 10 lb Maltese is 13 years old and was slowing down a bit. Acted sore and joints inflamed. After giving this to Sammy for over a week, Sammy is able to walk farther in park and over all is a happier dog. Great stuff! Thanks!!

I have new pup!

A few years ago my fur baby was injured and Has struggled with back pain. We’ve tried steroids and pain pills but the side effects broke my heart. A few drops of this cbd formula and it’s like she was never injured! She is also on the older side (10 years) and she’s less patient than before and I’ve noticed she’s been more playful and lively since taking this formula. Very pleased!