delta 8 is a powerful cannabinoid that has recently made a controversial boom into mainstream functional and recreational use. most of the industry is focused on the latter because of delta-8 interaction with the CB1 receptor. this gives D8 powerful perception modulating potential.

our interest isn't delivering a high serving of delta-8 for recreational use. there are plenty of options for this already in countless infusions. we have no beef with D8 recreational use, but our formulation is strongly centered around well balanced function.

delta 8 is legal when derived from hemp (established by the 2018 farm bill). this is a powerful compound that should be respected. the combination of D8 + true full spec CBD offers deeper mind and nervous system relaxation and repair. this can be a powerful option for people with higher levels of anxiety and pain.

our D8 sublingual is built on all of the therapeutic potency of true full spectrum cbd + the deep mental relaxation of the delta-8. 

1200mg cbd + 600mg D8 (2:1)

this is the stronger version delivering 20mg CBD + 10mg D8 for every 5 pumps. this is recommended for clients with higher levels of nervous system tension that significantly impacts quality of daily life and for those who struggle with sleep and have not found success with CBD alone. commonly recommended for higher levels of chronic physical and / or emotional pain or clients who prefer the perception modulating effects of THC without the intoxication.

1200mg cbd + 300mg D8 (4:1)

delivering 20mg CBD + 5mg D8 for every 5 pumps, the 4:1 version is recommended for clients with physical and emotional pain and nervous system tension that doesn’t consistently and dramatically interfere with quality of daily life. if you don’t have experience with THC, this is probably where you want to start. clients can jump into 5x pumps 2x daily routine (mid-morning and afternoon / evening with 4+ hrs separation between servings) from day 1, but should understand there is still potential for non-intoxicating altered perception.


some important words of advice.

  • the biggest rookie mistake with implementing a delta 8 routine is taking multiple servings within a 4-hour period. the cumulative effect of multiple servings in a 4 hr period can sneak up and send you to unfamiliar mental territory, especially if you don’t have experience with THC.
  • D8 may impair your ability to drive and operate heavy machinery. be responsible and make sure you personally understand the effects of your D8 routine.
  • don’t stress if you experience an altered state of perception. enjoy the process and dial it back on the next serving (if necessary).
  • be sure to stay hydrated. if you’re underhydrated, D8 can make you feel dehydrated.
  • as always, keep away from kids and pets. if they take a high serving size, they will be on the moon for a few hours.


general approach to starting & scaling the 2:1 D8 routine.

typical serving size for therapeutic application is 3-5 pumps 2x daily.

2:1 formula. every pump is 4mg cbd + 2mg delta 8

servings sizes can certainly go higher, but only recommended through the path outlined below.


start low and work up to your ideal serving size. everyone has a different threshold for the psychoactive effects of delta 8. while the effects of cbd and minor cannabinoids can start taking effect within 30 mins, the peak psychoactive effects of D8 may take 2 hrs.

day 1-3

take 2x pumps mid-morning. 2x pumps in the afternoon / evening.  do not take multiple servings in the same 4-hour period. space your servings accordingly.


day 4+

increase serving size in slow steps as necessary. it’s highly recommended that you only increase serving size by one pump/ serving every two days. with this method, it should take you no longer than 12 days to land on the optimal serving size.

for example. day 4 will be 3x pumps mid-morning and 3x pumps in the afternoon (assuming you want to increase serving size). day 6 will be 4x pumps am & pm. day 8 will be 5x pumps am & pm. day 10 will be 6x pumps am & pm. day 12 will be 8x pumps am & pm.


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