Multi Vitamin for Your Skin
  • 70% Omega 3, 6 & 9
  • Bio-available Vitamin-C Infusion
  • Full Spectrum Fatty Acid Profile
  • Extra Virgin & Organic Plant Oils

The Good Stuff:

*Argan Oil
*Golden Jojoba Oil
*Rosehips Oil
*Hemp Seed Oil
*Sunflower Oil
Vitamin E
Low Temperature Distillation Hemp Extract (CBD)
*Lavender Oil
*Geranium Oil
Vitamin C (tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
amber Tango
Love the CBD Face Serum

I use this product every day two times a day. My skin is sensitive and this product is sometimes the only thing I can put on my face when it gets really, really dry. This product weather your skin is dry or hydrated absorbs all of the serum not leaving your face oily with residue. When they were out of stock locally and I ran out I got worried. Then I found out I can just order it online. Watch out for discount codes! Helps in this CO climate that is high dessert and dry year round.


I love this serum! It goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly, and has hydrated and calmed my skin. Highly recommend!

Sharon Martin

I love this face serum. My skin is softer in less than a week, and the dark spots are fading fast.

Love this serum!

This is the greatest serum! My skin is extremely sensitive but I’ve used the serum in all seasons and have found that my skin loves it no matter when used!

Face has never been more clear or healthy looking

I was introduced to nacher cbd and Roots via a gift set they gifted me with. I was overwhelmed with their generosity and amount of products that they provided. I was hesitant at first as I had never used CBD products before, but I starting trying each one by one. There are many I can list that are incredible, but the one that I noticed immediate results was the face salve. I have struggled with acne and sensitive skin all my life. I spend 75 % of my time outdoors in the sun or in cold weather that chaps and dries my skin out. I also sweat a lot due to my daily training sessions and my skin gets dirty and my pores clog. I am constantly fighting breakouts and blemishes.
I noticed an immediate change of my skin within a week. It was as if the salve gave my skin everything it needed to repair the damage. I also noticed a healthy glow and my texture changed. It provided moisture without clogging my pores or irritating my acne.

I can not say enough about this company or the products. I have finally found products that not only help my appearance on the outside, but also provides benefits on the inside.

Thank you Roots and NacherCBD,

Aspen Ladd
UFC Fighter