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Building Successful Relationships With Pioneers of the CBD Industry.

now, more than ever, people are looking to holistic plant remedies for short- and long-term health goals where western modalities have not offered sustainable solutions. this is the time to strengthen trust in authentic plant therapy. as popularity in holistic product increases, the industry is being flooded with novelty products that focus on marketing rather than function. we have proudly stayed the course of maximizing therapeutic value along a strict road of sustainability and authenticity. we have steadily improved our reach and reputation over the past decade and are working to build more relationships with like-minded companies. we would love the opportunity to get some product samples in your hands.

as a brand dedicated to function, quality and simplicity, we maintain a high level of brand prestige that properly represents the value of our product. partnerships are meticulously chosen to make sure our product, brand and everyone representing it have similar dedications to improving fundamentals of health, natural performance, wellness and sustainability. when you represent roots & nacher apothecary, we properly represent you by maintaining these standards. no wreckless claims, no sensationalism, no pushy sales tactics, no chasing trends. this is a company that will support your dedications, not conflict with them.

Building Successful Relationships With Pioneers of the CBD Industry

naCHer Apothecary is a formulator and maker of high end cannabinoid products serving the retail, medical and therapeutic industries. You can find our products in 15 states across the country. From Texas to Washington and scattered in between, we are helping massage therapists, physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, yoga studios and retailers weave functional CBD products into their business or practice. We are a very small company that understands the science and development of a quality product from seed to bottle.

Our wholesale program offers industry standard margins for a far superior product that costs the client an average of 20% less per milligram CBD compared to companies offering similar quality. The naCHer product line caters to the functional community that is seeking CBD for it's incredible benefits, rather than profits alone (we still maintain industry wholesale margins on all products). 


Physicians and Chiropractors

For the trail blazers of holistic and traditional medicine, we make the incorporation of CBD painless and legitimate. Our products are simple, clearly labeled, contain no synthetic colors, flavors, or any unnecessary jazz. More importantly, we have clear tractability of our hemp from seed to final product, with thorough lab testing and verification along the way. naCHer Apothecary was originally founded as a formulator for medical and ayurveda practitioners, so the emphasis has always been delivering results through quality, consistency and affordability. 

Working With Small Businesses

The independent small business owner is our specialty. We are small, but agile and already tooled to scale your business as far as you can take it. We can take you from 10 units / order to 2,000 as fast as you can make it happen. Being agile means creating flexible packages and forging custom relationships based on the needs of your brand. 

Back Bar Program for CBD Massage "add on"

Massage is one of the fastest growing and logical applications for topical CBD products. Our Deep Tissue Salve was being purchased by the dozens of dozens to use in massage. When we realized how many massage therapists were incorporating CBD into their service add on options, we consulted with our top accounts to develop a protocol and "bulk back bar program". This protocol allows for cost effective "doses" of our CBD muscle rub (Deep Tissue Salve) to be pre-measured and used as a spot treatment for especially troublesome or injured areas. Our example protocol recommends a standard 0.25oz CBD upgrade to be purchased by the consumer (delivering 50mg CBD or 100mg CBD depending on the concentration of Deep Tissue Salve you choose). 

Let us know if you're interested in more information on back bar options and pricing for massage. We will send you a recommended protocol based on your business. Super easy.