handcrafted seed to bottle

simple. organic. functional.

from seed to bottle, nacher apothecary remains completely dedicated to maintaining the therapeutic value of authentic plant remedies. 

the amazing qualities of cbd are best harnessed in pure & simple forms. we only use organic ingredients and methods to craft each unique formula. from the nutrient rich soil that grows healthy plants, to our specialty extraction process to the label on the bottle, everything is meticulously crafted to deliver the best quality and therapeutic value.   

the booming popularity of cbd has most companies racing to make novelty products that damage integrity and weaken potential benefits of a cbd routine. we focus on delivering functional value above all else. we never use synthetic colors, fragrances, preservatives, or unnecessary additives. we only use minimally processed full spectrum cbd from certified organic hemp. nacher cbd products are pure and to the point.

presicion crafted

all nacher cbd products are precision crafted to ensure transparent and accurate cbd and cannabinoid content in every batch.

no more counting drops under the tongue. our sub-lingual extracts are topped with pumps that dispense a measured amount of CBD with each compression. 

unmatched integrity

keeping it real from the simplicity we stand for, to the rigorous development, testing and verification all nacher products are held to. we don't chase trends or develop novelty product for the sake of sales. we remain completely focused on optimal plant health, organic purity and cannabinoid integrity. everything else is a distraction from the true potential of this amazing plant remedy.

nature is the best physician.

- hippocrates. father of medicine.