• Low Temperature Hemp Extraction
  • Full Spectrum Cannabinoid & Terpene Profile
  • Synergistic Lipid Formula
  • Lab Tested: Quantitative & Qualitative Analysis
  • Redundant & Transparent Labeling 

*Fair Trade Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
*Extra Virgin Olive Oil
MCT Oil (from coconut)
Low Temperature Distillation Hemp Extract (CBD)
*Certified Organic Ingredient

As a functional addition to your healthful routine, enjoy 0.95ml (5 pumps) of premium extract twice daily. For best results, pump extract under your tongue and hold for about 30 seconds before swallowing. This method will promote higher absorption.

630mg extract:

5 pumps = 10mg CBD

Total Servings: 63 

Estimated Use: 31 days (assuming 5 pumps 2x daily = 20mg CBD daily)


Use Constantly:

Whatever your goals are, it's important to weave hemp supplements into your daily routine rather than using sporadically. Consistency is key. Hemp is not an "overnight cure" for anything.

Establish a Baseline:

Whether you're supplementing with CBD as a general addition to a healthy routine, or you're supplementing with CBD to accomplish a specific task, establishing a baseline can be very helpful to monitoring the benefits of supplementation. Pay attention to your pain levels, mood, cognitive function, sleep cycles and digestion before starting a CBD routine. Then revisit this self evaluation at 2 weeks, 1 month and three months.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Brooke Rossen
Amazing quality

I tried this CBD oil last year and it totally got rid of my acne....as in 100%. I decided to try another cheaper brand and it didn't work at all. I have come back and the acne has gone again! You pay for quality. Great product!

Kristy Williams Rabon
CBD Sublingual

I love the CBD product but would like to know if you have the same but in an increased amount in strength? I have to double the drops to handle my anxiety. Ut would surely help me. Otherwise fabulous company. I refer you all the time.

angelina wilson
Great CBD

This gives quick relief.I don't use anything else to help with muscle pain. Ibuprofen and CBD.

Clayton Hapke
Amazing Customer Service

Always astounding service weather it’s in person at the Chapel Hills location or if it’s Katie helping me out over the phone during the quarantine era.

Whitney Crisp
My family thanks you!

This stuff is amazing!! My fiancé has been taking this for almost a year to help with his seizures and he hasn’t had a seizure since he started taking this!! This item has truly been a life saver for us!!