in the amber.

  • *fair trade coconut oil
  • *mct oil (from coconut)
  • *olive oil
  • organic C02 hemp extract. full spec.

*certified organic ingredient

click here for 630mg cbd sublingual lab results

630mg extract:

1 serving (5 pumps) = 10mg CBD

Total Servings: 63

Estimated Use: 31 days (assuming 5 pumps 2x daily = 20mg CBD daily)

1260mg extract:

1 serving (5 pumps) = 20mg CBD

Total Servings: 63

Estimated Use: 31 days (assuming 5 pumps 2x daily = 40mg CBD daily)

2520mg extract:

1 serving (5 pumps) = 40mg CBD

Total Servings: 63

Estimated Use: 31 days (assuming 5 pumps 2x daily = 80mg CBD daily)

more information on choosing the right cbd strength for your goals.

scroll down to "starting a therapeutic routine"

starting a therapeutic routine.

where to start.

general routine recommendations start at 10mg cbd 2x daily (20mg cbd total) for a minimum of 30 days. this is considered the beginning of therapeutic range. anything lower than this probably won't produce results.we believe people seeking the general mind-body benefits of cbd should start at beginning of therapeutic range and work their way up.

while relevant, we did not factor weight into this chart because impact on daily life, endocannabinoid system “sensitivity”, gut health and immune function/ inflammation levels are greater factors in a persons response to a serving size. this is why we recommend starting lower and working your way up. this is a well respected approach within our network of practitioners and body work experts.

most clients find success in the 40mg-60mg cbd / day routine.

we recommend cbd starting point based on self-report on how affected you are by discomforts & imbalances between 0-10 (0 being completely unaffected, 10 being relentlessly and highly impacted). this is meant to be a generalized recommendation with flexibility to fit individual goals. if you’re feeling totally lost on where to start, ask the practitioner that sold you our sublingual, or send an email to when you choose a starting point, you should commit to 10 days before increasing serving size if necessary.

self report 0-3.

recommendation: 20mg-40mg cbd / day.

life is generally smooth and unaffected by daily discomforts like pain and anxiety or imbalances like energy, mood, and mental clarity. you may have aches, inconsistent energy and mild anxiety, but nothing is disruptive to daily life. your main goal is improving overall health and wellness by promoting better balance. this client has a high capacity for work, play and stress, but wants to take their performance to the next level.

self report 4-6. (most popular)

recommendation: 40mg-60mg cbd / day.

daily life is high functioning, but moderately uncomfortable. your mind is not consumed by discomforts and imbalances, but your health, performance and/or social life is negatively impacted. examples of clients in this category include mild to moderate discomfort from anxiety, arthritis, fibro, lyme, chronic exhaustion, sleep disorder, adhd, ibs, colitis, neuroinflammation, and anything rooted in or made worse by anxiety and inflammation (the vast majority of modern disease and obstacles to optimal performance). most of our clients fall into this category.

this range is also where most of our performance athletes work to improve recovery and flow state by reducing stress and inflammation.

self report 7-8.

recommendation: 80mg-100mg cbd / day.

every day is difficult. discomforts like anxiety and pain are consistently high and imbalances in energy and mood prevent a normal functioning capacity for work, play and relationships. people in this category only have the energy to care about a few things and getting better is at the top. for clients in this category, time is of the essence. the sooner we can get life back to a functioning capacity, the sooner life can move forward. if sleep is a problem in this category, it should be addressed by taking a higher serving size of at least 40mg-60mg 90mins before bed (without quality sleep, you’re unlikely to make sustainable progress). roughly 15% of our clients start in this category.

we have some athletes working in this range during their peak training (like mma fight camps or athletes who decide to train through injuries). while some athletes continue this serving size, most athletes return to the 40mg-60mg range after returning to their normal training intensity.

all nacher cbd products are made with organic colorado hemp extracts.

we blend extracts from multiple genetic variants at multiple stages of maturity, delivering a unique variety and strength of cannabinoids, terpenes and additional phytonutrients. our goal is casting the widest therapeutic net to deliver the most sustainable results.

we put a lot of research and work into making sure we're offering the highest therapeutic potential of any cbd product. protecting the integrity of each ingredient means hand making each batch with low heat and minimal processing. the more you process, the further you deviate from the plant's natural potency.

all products are tested at multiple stages to make sure potency, purity and accuracy are held to standards beyond industry expectations. we test for variety and potency of cannabinoids, heavy metals, 200+ pesticides and potential contaminants that are commonly problematic in cbd products.

what to expect.

within the first 5 servings, you will likely notice acute effects of a good full spectrum cbd. if you’re carrying tightness in your chest, you may feel relaxation and ability to breathe deeper. if your mind races, you may experience clarity and smoothness in your thoughts. if you have chronic pain, you may notice mood and mobility improvement. the list goes on. while acute benefits are common, they’re not noticed by everyone. you should not be discouraged if you don’t notice acute results within the first 5 days. the most impactful benefits of cbd take a little longer to develop as the balance is restored and mind-body resources are allocated towards performance and reparative processes.

over the course of 4 weeks, balance is simultaneously strengthened in multiple systems, generating holistic momentum. the longer you maintain lowered levels of reactive processes like stress and inflammation, the better your mind-body allocates resources towards reparative, proactive and performance processes (parasympathetic state). nutrient absorption improves, cortisol levels improve, energy and endurance improve, neuro-genesis and neuro plasticity improve, circadian rhythm (sleep & wake cycle) improves, immune system intelligence strengthens and more. while the acute benefits of cbd offer some quick "feel good", a consistent routine keeps stress and inflammation levels down to keep resources consistently allocated towards parasympathetic processes. this is where real progress happens, and resilience is strengthened. if you’re inconsistent with a cbd routine, you may bounce between sympathetic and parasympathetic states in a cycle that prevents sustainable progress. consistently improving resource allocation is the only way to improve baseline levels of energy, endurance, mood, pain, immune performance, inflammation, and more.

new and different things are more marketable than the fundamentals, but the fundamentals are what work.

cbd got it’s reputation as a life changing plant therapy because it seemed to work for everything. while this isn’t necessary true, a good cbd product acts on multiple pathways simultaneously, helping move the mind-body into the elusive state of balance (dynamic equilibrium). in this improved state of balance, the entire mind-body shifts to prioritize healing and growth processes. your ability to process information improves, learning and recall improves, mood improves, energy and endurance improves, neurogenesis improves, communication improves, digestion improves, immune and inflammation function improves, pain levels improve, mobility improves, sleep improves and more.

this reputation seems to be fading. more and more people are reporting less than impressive results. this is not a failure of the plant itself. this is a failure of the product industry racing to make more marketable products rather than focusing on function. this is not unique to the cbd industry. you can see this everywhere. new and different things are more marketable than the fundamentals, but the fundamentals are what work.

staying close to the source. choosing function.

like any booming industry, the cbd market is being flooded with hundreds of different product types. we see more everyday and it's becoming difficult for clients to choose a product that best serves the function they want. booming cbd popularity shines a light on pharma’s failure to address chronic and holistic dysfunctions like pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, fatigue, sleep disorder, immune function, etc. however, the increasing demand for cbd is fueling a marketplace that pumps out novelty product and damages therapeutic value. while the rest of the industry races to push out the newest infusion, combination, flavor, packaging, extraction method, etc. we’re staying close to the plant and focusing entirely on therapeutic value.

bruce lee one said, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times”. we take this concept seriously. we know therapeutic value is in the plant itself, and the more you process and refine that plant, the more therapeutic value is reduced or removed. we’re not trying to rush 1,000 products to the market. instead we continue to master the fundamentals of therapeutic value through minimally processed extracts harnessing the spectrum of cannabinoid, terpene and phytonutrients the hemp plant has to offer. our focus on the basics has allowed us to surpass the rest of the industry in quality, simplicity and effectiveness.

I understand the statements on this site regarding nacher cbd products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results from products may vary. these reviews are authentic and only posted by verified purchasers. please understand we can't make any medical claims about our products, nor can we validate any claims that customers make in these reviews.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Lacie Carter
Love this product!

It’s been two weeks since my purchase. I am so glad that I took the recommendations from so many of my friends. My only regret is I did not purchase sooner. My anxieties have subsided, my shoulder pain has dulled, and I am sleeping peacefully. I am very pleased with the results so far.

Ronald Poulard

I've read so much about Full Spectrum CBD throughout the years but have not come across a PREMIUM PRODUCT from people that actually CARE about the level of quality - which translates into actual effects
Bar none... the BEST quality CBD you can possibly get
This has become part of my daily routine and has changed the way I start and finish my day
I am a day trader and STRESS / ANXIETY is no longer a part of my trading day!

Patti Melich
Good product, reasonable price, good customer service

I ordered the 630 mg CBD. I had never used CBD before. I was looking for something to take the edge off of my anxiety. It does work. I wonder if a stronger dose would help with my pain? The price was reasonable. And, they sent a bonus gift, a container of reishi powder, which I haven’t tried yet.

Hannah Flores

This is such a great product . So pure it works for me in minutes. Game changer I have been so pleased hope to be a life long customer!!! They rock ❤️💯💯💯

Doug Gehringer

Excellent products