detox tincture.

powerful detox through mild & holistic methods. 
this is not a flush or intense cleanse that keeps you close to a bathroom. 
this is a mild herbal detoxification that allows the body to effectively and sustainably eliminate toxins while reducing the risk of toxins recirculating and causing more damage. the best detox results can't be accomplished with a 5 day cleanse. it takes times to improve conditions that allow the body to naturally detoxify. when you choose this more holistic approach, the results are more powerful and long lasting. 
take 2x daily on an empty stomach. dilute 2ml (2 droppers full) in 8oz of water. do this twice daily until the bottle is gone. 15 day supply. for best results order two and take consistently for entire month.  drinking 3/4 gallon of pure water / day while taking detox tincture will help eliminate toxins that are moved by detox tincture.
1 bottle = 15 days. 

holistic detoxing.

  • blood
  • lymph
  • liver
  • kidneys
  • gallbladder
  • colon

you may benefit from a holistic detox if you're wanting to improve. 

  • brain fog
  • fatigue
  • trouble focusing 
  • stress / anxiety
  • irritability / mood instability
  • achy joints
  • bloating 
  • digestion discomfort
botanical blend. 
*dandelion root.
*dandelion leaf.
*burdock root.
*licorice root.
*ginger root.
*nettle root.
*nettle leaf.
*red clover. 

*certified organic

other ingredients.

certified organic gluten free cane alcohol (40-55%).
reverse osmosis water.
certified organic vegetable glycerin.
*certified organic
the best detox is holistic and mild. your body is intelligent beyond our understanding and can't be forced to detoxify effectively and sustainably. for example, the liver holds onto toxins to prevent them from reaching the heart, brain and other vital organs. its protecting you. it holds onto these toxins until the conditions are right so the liver is confident in releasing toxins to be eliminated from the body. if the liver is not ready to let go, it may hold onto them tighter to protect you. an aggressive flush may cause this response and make it more difficult to detox the liver. 
a mild, well rounded cleanse helps the body move toxins from the blood, lymph, digestive tract, liver and kidneys with less risk of stressing the body, releasing toxins back into circulation, or forcing you to stay close to a bathroom. 


double extraction. tripple filtered. 

The first extraction is 45 days of high quality, certified organic cane alcohol extraction (ethanol). After the herbs are strained, they are extracted a second time for 45 minutes at a low temperature (140deg F) with reverse osmosis water. The two extractions are combined and held at 140deg F for 10 minutes to flash a percentage of ethanol to maintain potency. The purpose of a double extraction is pulling both ethanol and water soluble nutrients from each herbal blend into solution. A double extraction does not dilute the strength of a tincture if done properly. A double extraction will only add to the complexity and overall quality of the tincture.

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