Focusing on the Fundamentals


The naCHer mindset revolves around simplicity and functionality, two qualities that appear increasingly rare in the supplement and CBD industry. As the majority of the industry races to infuse CBD into everything, damaging and denaturing cannabinoids in the process, we are focusing entirely on two priorities:

1. Preserving the quality of cannabinoids from seedling to infusion.

Cannabinoids are relatively fragile. Damage and denaturing becomes a problem in the CBD industry when the extraction process produces high heat and harsh chemical exposure. Another potentially damaging procedure is the formulating and infusing process. In general, the more CBD is handled and "cooked" into products, the more damage through oxidation and denaturing it (cannabinoid extracts) will experience. CBD is being infused into more and more novelty products. CBD gummy bears, flavored extracts, cookies and other goodies take away from the beneficial qualities of CBD by damaging the actual molecules through oxidation and denaturing and introducing toxicity to the body through synthetic colors and flavors. There are a few key actions and qualities we focus on.

  • All Hemp (CBD) is extracted with supercritical CO2 that maintains low temperatures during the entire process and minimized chemical exposure.
  • All Hemp extractions are lab tested for quantity and quantity of cannabinoids, terpenes, and contaminations to ensure the CBD is meets quality standards before it even arrives on site.
  • All Hemp is refrigerated when it arrives to our formulating kitchen and is never exposed to temperatures above 120F during the formulating process. (if the temperature exceeds 120F, the batch is considered a failure and it is taken out of production)
  • Hemp extracts are stabilized (protected from oxidation) with long chain fatty acids from organic plant oils and Vitamin E

2. Improving the efficacy of cannabidiol (CBD) and other beneficial cannabinoids through simple, organic and synergistic infusions.