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Finally something works

I have arthritis in my right hand fingers and the pain keeps me from getting quality sleep. The local pot shops have stopped carrying CBD heavy products in favor of higher THC products. So I went to the Internet to find high quality CBD salves and tinctures.
I have been very happy with the products from Nacher and have now set up recurring orders.


I noticed with my last order that the suction straw has an increased diameter which means I will intake more CBD and use my bottle quicker therefore it will become more expensive. At the age of 72 we are wary of increased expenses on our fixed income. So now we’re not keeping our daily routine which most likely is lowering the amount in our system. Why did y’all do that to us?

Bloody life saver

Holy shit y’all. I’ve tried several cbd salves and lotions trying to get relief from a repetitive motion injury. This is the only one that works and works well. It feels so good. It’s smells so strong my girlfriend says it clears her sinuses. I’m considering getting the 900mg also. 10/10

Works great on my wife's sciatica.

My son discovered this product when he lived in Colorado Springs. After moving to Florida he recommended to us (His parents).

cbd deep tissue salve

Having some issues that I’m seeing a massage therapist for, this salve has helped immensely

Best salve on the market

This product has saved my legs and neck. I’m an avid endurance cyclist and use this product before and after rides. It’s so good!

Works great, I love it

Thank God for this cbd salve for my neck arthritis!!

I take it for my arthitis. Its helps a great deal. Iknow when i don't take. Good product


I love the CBD. I sleep better, have more energy and don’t take my afternoon naps anymore!

Worth it!

I use it on my feet at night. My feet used to feel like I was walking on gravel in the mornings but not anymore. Thankyou!
I also got my Mom using it for her arm. She says it has really helped and it takes away the sharping stabbing pain she was having. I am so glad she can finally have relief from the pain. Thankyou


I absolutely love this stuff. I have neck and low back injuries from a couple of car accidents and this stuff is the BOMB! Just this morning, I woke up with a stiff back, I could tell that I was close to spasm so I put some on and within a few minutes I could feel it working and my muscles relaxing. If my back had gone out (like it has in the past from spasms) I would have missed at least a couple of days of work. So grateful I found this product! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Deep tissue salve

I ordered this salve after taking a pretty good fall on cement and getting banged up. After 40, you don’t bounce back the same as in your younger years. This salve was the only thing that helped relieve my aches and pains in my knees and shoulder. Will definitely continue to buy!


My wife loves this product. She plays golf. She is just learn
ing and doesn't play real well yet. So it is important she looks
good. :)

nonnie's tinctures.
Quality through and through

I use the Peppermint 1500mg Tincture for a more restful and deeper sleep. I have been a satisfied customer for the last 18 months.

Love it 😊

I use the Deep Tissue 400mg. Love it, Love it, Love it! I have tried other products and I keep coming back to the one I know works on my back and neck and knees.

Wonderful product

We have a senior collie that was horribly abused for the first several years of her life. We tried this product to help her with anxiety (which has been part of her personality her whole life) and also to assist with any age-related joint/mobility changes. I give her one dropperful directly in her mouth in the morning (she seems to like it) and within half a week she was significantly more active and "puppy-like" in a way we've never seen before. She hasn't been able to tell me in words if it relieves any pain, but she's certainly acting like a younger, more carefree pooch. This will be part of her routine for life! Thanks for making such a great product!

Best puppy CBD out there!

I have tried others, but this is the best. My dog actually likes taking it. She has chronic stomach pain and this helps by eliminating the pain. She is able to sleep and take walks every day now!

I love this product! It eases both my Dad and my anxiety. It also takes away my neck tension due to arthritis. I highly recommend it.

The best find

I have been ordering this salve and sublingual CBD from Nacher Apothecary for at least 3 years now, I found them by accident via a Facebook review. And honestly This is the best deep tissue and sublingual cbd I have ever used and hope to use this apothecary for the rest of my life. The cbd helped me stop using other dangerous sleep aides and the salve has saved my lower back.

Thanks those who work at nacher. Your little messages you send with your products always make me smile. Y’all rock! Thanks for helping me move across the country and always getting my order right and on time.

Pain Relief

The Deep Tissue CBD salve is the best topical pain reliever I have ever used. I use it often for quick relief from migraines, severe neck, and low back pain. It has a menthol scent that I find relaxing. It doesn’t stain my clothes which is a real plus.

nonnie's tinctures.

I agree with the first reviewer. Pretty amazing CBD. I have just ordered it from you for the first time, the original owners having stopped producing it. I am eager to find out if it is still the exact same product. I sure hope so. It's a life safer for back and nerve pain in the leg,

Happy senior

My 10-year-old Lab is slowing down and was starting to exhibit some stiffness in her hind legs. The Big Pupster 600mg, mixed in with her food twice a day, has helped with both her pain and mobility. I highly recommend this product for your furry friends!

Cant review

I can’t review it yet because I haven’t received it yet. It seems to be the issue anytime I order anything. It takes a hot minute for it to come through the mail to get to where it’s going. Pretty much why I try to go to the store & pick up what I need when I’m in Colorado Springs. I’ll be happy to let you know though once I receive it. I do love the products I’ve used so far & that’s why I haven’t gone anywhere else.


Deep Tissue CBD Salve

Miracle in a jar. Had severe knee pain that nothing would touch. After two applications of the CBD salve, the pain began to subside and was soon gone. I'm completely sold on this product.