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We love it,my wife say it really help the pain I hee back.She sleep much much now.

My wife sleeps much better at night now.

This salve has come to the rescue many times for me. It eases the stiffness for me, delays, if not prevent entirely. I highly recommend this product. You will not be disappointed.

Some relief

Was looking forward to this salve and it did help a bit but the strong smell of menthol crystals in the product make it a problem for me. It would be better at least for me if you could tame down the smell of menthol.

Great transaction.

Great transaction.

This stuff is amazing!

I can’t believe how good this salve works. It makes me aches and pain go away completely. I put it on my sore wrist one night and woke up the next morning completely out of pain. I won’t run out of this ever!

ashwagandha tincture.
Margie Preston-Lyon
Fantastic product

I take this along with the CBD oil and the combination has most of my aches and pains to a VERY tolerable level. I would recommend to all, from age related aches and pains to aches form overdoing it. The Ashwaghanda has also greatly helped with my anxiety.

Don’t look any further, order today!

I am on day 9 of the 1260 and all I wish is that I would have found this sooner. Almost 2 years ago I fell on the ice and got a brain injury as the result. I have seen many doctors, therapy programs and more pills than I can recall. Migraines every few days, a constant headache that never went away, nausea, motion sickness, ringing in my ear, blurry eyes, watery eyes, light sensitivity, the list goes on. After 20 months of feeling like absolute garbage, quitting my job and sitting in dark rooms daily my massage therapist turned me to try this. I was very skeptical at first but I am so happy I took the change and ordered. The salve is amazing to rub behind my ears and on my neck to relieve head pain and I have not had a migraine in 8 days, I am sleeping great and waking up refreshed, I feel i’m happier and not so depressed and gloomy everyday. I can not wait to see how I feel after a month. I have already ordered a back up bottle and signed up for the monthly subscription. Worth every penny! Don’t look any further, just order today!


Works miracles! Truly amazing product!

Fantastic face cleanser

The smell, the consistency, the cleansing , all get 5 stars. I’m 66 and my face feels cleansed, rejuvenated and smooth after I use this cleanser.

Soothes and reduces the pain.

Although I think the price of this salve is far more than it should be, I have received some relief from lower back pain. Have had two back surgeries for bulging discs and have poor balance and leg coordination because of that. Am having PT but it doesn't seem to improve my situation much. I'll use this bottle and see if I feel any better before I order more. It will probably last only a month.

Outstanding product - "Head to Toe"

I've tried a few other CBD products but I find the formulation of the ingredients as well as the texture in this salve to be especially soothing for my various aches and pains. I use this product literally from "head to toe." I rub it in daily, sometimes twice daily, and before bedtime on the bottom of my right foot with metatarsal issues, to my right shoulder and upper arm with rotator cuff problems, and to my neck on both sides to address a neuro-muscular difficulty. Yes, it's pricey, but it's well worth it. Doreen

Route Package Protection
angelina wilson

I appreciate your service. It's always timely and efficient.

Love this oil

I am on my 3rd bottle and I am hooked.

1260mg cbd sublingual
Margie Preston-Lyon
1260 CBD

My husband had pretty intense arthritis pain in his feet and since shortly after starting the CBD-his feet feel good. He stands all day at work and this has given him the ability to be relatively painfree all day at work!!

CBD oil

CBD 2520 oil is outstanding. Used sub lingual or topically it is a wonderful product to relieve pain.

Very good rub has helped me so much with my torn shoulder couldn't do without right now need my next order

Help with nerve pain

My 92 yrs old dad has gone through every pain relief topical cream in the market including cbd product, this is the only one he claims that works.

Absolutely Love

I had the opportunity to use some of this before I purchased it my daughter was in a car accident & it messed her back & neck up so her chiropractor recommended that she try this so she did I have rheumatoid arthritis as well as Osteoarthritis so I tried it & love it so I just purchased my own jar. I know it’s kinda pricey but it is 100% worth every penny I will be a life long customer


Helps me through my day as a RA in memory care, I walk over 15000 steps a day and helps with my pain during my day.

Lets me move!

I'm an old lady with LOTS of arthritis, but have found that the inflammation tincture works WONDERS to help me get moving. Thank you, Roots, for providing this terrific product.

Excellent relief!

This product absolutely helps with my knee arthritis and arm pain almost immediately-I am so pleased with it I ordered a recurring subscription.

The 1500 Deep Tissue Salve works miracles

I had a tear in my rotator cuff and also a tendon tear. This is the only thing that helped the pain, and over time it healed without surgery. I love this product!


I’ve only used a few times and it as helped relieve my lower back pain and knee pain.

However I can only use at night because I don’t want to go out smelling all minty. The smell is nice though.

Nachet CBD

Loved the results. Helps with muscle aches and pains!