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Thank you!

This was part of a gift for mother's day, whose unfortunately starting to get arthritis in her finger joints. She used it for the first time yesterday and with almost tears told me today that she hasn't felt relief like this in her hands in a very long time! And this is just after 1 use! So thank you!!!!

Great investment

Purchased some for my father after his MC accident, and is now part of his pain regiment. In addition, I keep some around, and have even used it for menstrual craps. Thank you for producing a great product!

250mg face serum
Marta Wilcox
Love it

I like how it feels on my face and neck, it soaks in and there is no oily feeling at all. Living in Colorado it is necessary to keep the skin moisturized and the face serum sure is the answer.

FM Relief

I have tried everything to find relief for my FM. Some days are so painful I don’t even want to get out of bed. The Deep Tissue 1500 balm is the only thing that provides relief. I also use it at times that I have anxiety to provide calming and it works! I run a little on my chest and it’s instant relief! I’m so glad that I found this product! Worth every penny!

I've read so much about Full Spectrum CBD throughout the years but have not come across a PREMIUM PRODUCT from people that actually CARE about the level of quality - which translates into actual effects
Bar none... the BEST quality CBD you can possibly get
This has become part of my daily routine and has changed the way I start and finish my day
I am a day trader and STRESS / ANXIETY is no longer a part of my trading day!

Rosacea relief

A friend of mine gave me a sample of this to try for my rosacea breakouts and I could not be happier! I have yet to find anything over the counter to treat my flare-ups and this has just been a lifesaver!

Good product, reasonable price, good customer service

I ordered the 630 mg CBD. I had never used CBD before. I was looking for something to take the edge off of my anxiety. It does work. I wonder if a stronger dose would help with my pain? The price was reasonable. And, they sent a bonus gift, a container of reishi powder, which I haven’t tried yet.

Excellent deep tissue salve!

This deep tissue CBD salve is excellent! It helps relieve my chronic neck pain which often leads to horrible headaches and migraines. I find the texture extremely soothing and the smell is very therapeutic. I'm so grateful this product is available as I use it several times a day as a preventative measure! I also appreciate the company's outstanding customer service and generosity! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this product and your kindness!

Works for everything

This is a must for at home and on the go. Not only for muscle and joint aches and pains, but therapeutic for onset of migraines. I have recommended this to friends and family who also LOVE this product. People often ask about it when I've used it because the scent is so good. By far the best CBD product I have tried.

By far the best

This product is by far the best I have ever found. I use it almost daily. As a body worker I have recommended this for my clients to use on a regular basis. This is the only product I recommend form my family. I can not tell you the countless ways this has helped me personally. This is the only product I use for my stiff joints and muscles. The relief it bring is beyond measure.


This really helps my husband's arthritis.

Salve & Surprise

My husband and I love this salve so I knew this was the perfect Christmas gift for him… and me. It comes wrapped in green tissue paper so I wrapped it without opening. My husband was so happy to see the salve and a surprise tincture. I was so surprised too! Thank you so much!!!


I really love this, and it works so great! I've used the 1000, and now I've got the 1500 which really works great!
I really recommend this to anyone with achy joints!


I received a small sample of this and I was hooked! It is so soothing and eases pain. I love this stuff!

This stuff is gold

My husband and I've been using this balm for almost two years. We love it, to say the least. It's high-quality, we know how it's sourced, and it does the job. It's really helped with aches and tightness. We always have it on hand wherever we go!

Get this. Like, now!

This deep tissue rub is a God-send. Anytime I'm sore after exercising or have some muscle/fascia pain, this stuff helps relieve the intensity so well. Can't say enough good things about this product and the company!

You will feel the difference

I primarily use CBD for anxiety, inflammation & discomfort. Thank you for always caring about your costumers needs and questions.


Everytime I've used this on myself, family, friends, or clients I've gotten nothing but positive feedback.
It's worth the investment and I appreciate there's no noticeable side effects from THC.


I just love your products I just tell everyone about them . Game changer. I told my doctor , my dietician. They were delighted and were interested why I’m on no pain medication for R/A. You rock !


Both my husband and I really enjoy this balm

Best salve ever

I’ve been a long time customer this salve is amazing literally a must !!

Great product

Very surprising that a tiny dab rubbed into aching muscles relives pain so wuickly

1260mg cbd sublingual
Samantha Williams
14 days in

I haven't really noticed a difference in my anxiety so far. In some ways, it's worse.

Deep Tissue Miracle Salve

Ever had a "stinger" in your trap or shoulders due to a pinched nerve/ I have a pinched nerve that can only be resolved with surgery to my cervical spine. I get this debilitating "stingers" on the top of my shoulder or trap than actually generate heat. Nothing helped until I discovered the Deep Tissue Salve products. I was using a lower dosage until the 1500mg became available. If you're in significant and chronic pain this salve is worth every penny. Once I apply it the pain is for all practical purposes gone in 30 to 45 minutes. If you combine the salve with a massaging device or hand massage it extends the period of relief exponentially.

deep tissue cbd salve
Abby Torrez
Wonder Salve

I buy this for my 70 year-old mother who has awful back pain after a bought of cancer. I she cries in the shower and then rubs this wonder product on and you can literally see the pain lifted away from her face. I actually used it for some knee pain after a knee replacement as well. I loved it too! We are repeat customers with no hint of stopping. :)