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Love this serum!

This is the greatest serum! My skin is extremely sensitive but I’ve used the serum in all seasons and have found that my skin loves it no matter when used!

Product Review

My wife has been recovering from surgery and had limited mobility. She uses this skin care product every day to help her skin recover from being in a solitary position for many hours and to help eliminate any harmful side effects that her medications cause. It is truly amazing and it helps the skin recover very quickly.

Wonderful healthy option

This stuff is great. Whenever I'm feeling stressed, I'll use some and feel it pretty soon. I'll reach for this over my prescription "calmer" and it works almost as well and doesn't make me drowsy.

Face has never been more clear or healthy looking

I was introduced to nacher cbd and Roots via a gift set they gifted me with. I was overwhelmed with their generosity and amount of products that they provided. I was hesitant at first as I had never used CBD products before, but I starting trying each one by one. There are many I can list that are incredible, but the one that I noticed immediate results was the face salve. I have struggled with acne and sensitive skin all my life. I spend 75 % of my time outdoors in the sun or in cold weather that chaps and dries my skin out. I also sweat a lot due to my daily training sessions and my skin gets dirty and my pores clog. I am constantly fighting breakouts and blemishes.
I noticed an immediate change of my skin within a week. It was as if the salve gave my skin everything it needed to repair the damage. I also noticed a healthy glow and my texture changed. It provided moisture without clogging my pores or irritating my acne.

I can not say enough about this company or the products. I have finally found products that not only help my appearance on the outside, but also provides benefits on the inside.

Thank you Roots and NacherCBD,

Aspen Ladd
UFC Fighter

Wonderful CBD Product

The Deep Tissue Salve really works. As does the cbd oil and Tincture. I like that they are CLEAN with other junk added and Hand made. Very nice Products.

deep tissue cbd salve
Bridget Nathan
Remarkable products!

Really pleased doing business with a company that shows legit care with their products. Helped out my self care regime by far!

Muscle Rub

My massage therapist 1st used the muscle rub during my massage. I noticed great results from her use and had to get my own. I suffer from hip and low back problems and using this product has been helpful for those mornings I wake up sore, it also got me through a major move...
It is a great product and it works, apply it, massage it in and go. So glad I was introduced to this product

630mg cbd sublingual oil.
Kristy Williams Rabon
CBD Sublingual

I love the CBD product but would like to know if you have the same but in an increased amount in strength? I have to double the drops to handle my anxiety. Ut would surely help me. Otherwise fabulous company. I refer you all the time.

Finally have relief from neck pain

I tried the 800mg salve at the recommendation of my chiropractor office and found I got immediate relief from my neck and back pain. I like it so much that I have my son, husband and sister now using it!

deep tissue cbd salve
Christine Storch
Great service

Love the product

Works great

Works great for my neuropathy and arthritis pain.

Ritual in a Cup

I’ve been using this as both a Ritual and an experiment. Here’s what I found out:
* need to connect with your focus, creativity, ability to get into flow?
This is for you. Once daily for about 3 days and you’ll notice a shift.
* difficult time winding down and getting good sleep (or staying asleep)?
This is for you, an hour before bed, as the beginning of your wind down ritual. Has helped to connect to dream time in a way that inspires purpose forward. After 5 days I really noticed a difference.
* just need better life balance?
This is for you. The plants are medicine and every body is different. That is what makes adaptogens so magical - it works with what you need to restore balance in the body and mind (personally, I’ve experienced a deeper connection to the sacredness of self - you will have to try it for yourself!). About 13 days into daily consumption I noticed an ability to get into flow or stay on track with less effort than usual. It’s a game changer if you’re balancing spiritual, mental, and physical wellness throughout the various roles one may inhabit (parent, professional or corporate personnel, educator, researcher, lifelong learners, and those still searching for unique and authentic expression).

Overall, I use as a daily ritual for my personal wellness and 10/10 recommend it for anyone who needs additional support towards greater clarity, grit, personal agency, and connection on multiple levels.

Has releaved pain in knees and back. Thanks

deep tissue cbd salve
Rhonda Garcia
Straight up beneficial product.

I have used this product in the past .I purchased this at a store but they were out of this salve.Luckily I found the official website and purchased it.I am very satisfied with the relief of joint pain,headache and neck pain as well as the calmness it promotes.I am looking forward to trying the other CBD products.I just wish there were coupons available .I am 65 and suffer from arthritis,fibromyalgia and disc issues as well as anxiety and live on Social security which means money is very budgeted.Highly recommend this product.

This really works. Very impressed!

Wonderful rest each night

Rest wonderfully each night.

250mg face serum
Filia Fengler
Wonderful serum

A rich but non greasy serum that my skin drinks up and leaves it glowing. I love the scent herbal scent.


I started taking this to help with my anxiety. I had been prescribed some anxiety medication, but I didn’t like taking it. When I started using this I stopped feeling like I needed to take my anxiety meds. This stuff works!

Little Pupster 150mg CBD
Deronda Maniscalco
Scamper boy feels better

my 16 year old bishon schnauzer mix seems to be less stiff. He bounces across the porch in the morning , instead of releaving himself before he gets to the grass. I think it is helping his pain. The crystal and sliver of soap in the package was a nice touch. Thank you.

deep tissue cbd salve
Jana Woodruff
Works really well.

Your salve is great. Recommended by my granddaughter and it is the best I have tried. Helps with arthritic joints and muscle pain.

sublingual cbd
Ken Tipton
Finally something works

I have arthritis in my right hand fingers and the pain keeps me from getting quality sleep. The local pot shops have stopped carrying CBD heavy products in favor of higher THC products. So I went to the Internet to find high quality CBD salves and tinctures.
I have been very happy with the products from Nacher and have now set up recurring orders.

sublingual cbd
Larry Jones

I noticed with my last order that the suction straw has an increased diameter which means I will intake more CBD and use my bottle quicker therefore it will become more expensive. At the age of 72 we are wary of increased expenses on our fixed income. So now we’re not keeping our daily routine which most likely is lowering the amount in our system. Why did y’all do that to us?

Bloody life saver

Holy shit y’all. I’ve tried several cbd salves and lotions trying to get relief from a repetitive motion injury. This is the only one that works and works well. It feels so good. It’s smells so strong my girlfriend says it clears her sinuses. I’m considering getting the 900mg also. 10/10

Works great on my wife's sciatica.

My son discovered this product when he lived in Colorado Springs. After moving to Florida he recommended to us (His parents).

deep tissue cbd salve
Donna Nordhaug
cbd deep tissue salve

Having some issues that I’m seeing a massage therapist for, this salve has helped immensely