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The Best

I’ve been using your CBD products for several years and I don’t know what I’d do without it. It is the best!

Simply the best

My Dr and massage therapist are extremely amazed at how well and quickly my scar is healing. I couldn't be more pleased with a product in my lifetime.

250mg face serum
amber Tango
Love the CBD Face Serum

I use this product every day two times a day. My skin is sensitive and this product is sometimes the only thing I can put on my face when it gets really, really dry. This product weather your skin is dry or hydrated absorbs all of the serum not leaving your face oily with residue. When they were out of stock locally and I ran out I got worried. Then I found out I can just order it online. Watch out for discount codes! Helps in this CO climate that is high dessert and dry year round.

Some relief of muscle aches.

Great Ointment

Works great on sore muscles and joints and I love the scent!

excellent formula

This is an excellent product.
It works well for many ailments.
I work out a lot , stand on concrete all day this helps relieve pain and swelling in my feet and joints.
I think they are a very good company with solid products in general. I also buy the adaptive cacao powder, great stuff.
The only thing I would suggest is a formula with 3000mg of cbd. Other than that order with confidence.


Best pain relief for back MS flare ups.


This is such a great product . So pure it works for me in minutes. Game changer I have been so pleased hope to be a life long customer!!! They rock ❤️💯💯💯

This stuff is amazing

I started taking this ashwaghanda for anxiety and irritability and it has really helped me.

Excellent products

Best on the market

I’ve tried several different CBD rubs in the past and they never worked. This is by far the best product. I suffer from a nerve disorder so pain in apart of my everyday life and this has made life so much more enjoyable. It helps ease my muscle tension and helps me prevent my migraines. This will forever be my go to product. I love the way it feels and smells.

deep tissue cbd salve
Mary Ann Palmer

This product was recommended by my son and daughter in law. They said it was the best and it is.

deep tissue cbd salve
Victoria Jardon

Great product! Does wonders for the arthritis in my mother-in-laws elbow and shoulder.


I started this last week. I have been through a tremendous amount of different medications and products to no avail. I slept 6 hrs straight on night one with 3 pumps. It has been years (think 15+) since I’ve slept that much. I have yet to try it during the day as it puts me down quickly at night. I am so glad this was recommended to me. I’m dealing with PTSD, depression with psychosis and severe anxiety. If any of that is in your wheelhouse, try this for sure. Thank you!!! My new prescriber turned me on to this.

deep tissue cbd salve
Debbie Ashman
The best!

This 800 CBD ointment could not be any better for pain! This is my 5th jar and its AMAZING!

Not enough for an avid cannabis consumer.

I've come to find I need a very strong dose of CBD to get the desired effect. I'm a daily cannabis consumer and indulge in potent extracts regularly. Mild relaxation was achieved with double the dose. Also not a big fan of the pump dispenser. Oil would collect in the junction outside the pump resulting in my sucking it out or wiping off with a towel. Bought to see how it works. I will continue to seek out small craft CBD cultivators for best results.

Old dog arthritis

I had great results for my 11yr old dog who is suffering from arthritis and has difficulty sleeping. He would get up and down several times in the night. He now gets a full 6-7 hrs before needing to move.

Restful sleep

Wake up rested and refreshed each morning.
I have been using 2520mg sublingual for a few years.

1260mg cbd sublingual
Debra Buenting
Love this product!

CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, the source of much pain. But not all CBD is created equally; there are a lot of what I suspect are junk products out there. This one is quality and is really helpful in reducing long-term pain and aches and pains that come with ageing.

High quality and the benefits are real.

its helps a lot

deep tissue cbd salve
Melissa Walker
Great relief

This works really well and gives me great relief more than any other product on the market

Amazing product!


I love this serum! It goes on smoothly and absorbs quickly, and has hydrated and calmed my skin. Highly recommend!

deep tissue cbd salve
terry smithhart

I love this stuff it really works. I highly recommend this product and this company great people to work with.