balance. energy. digestion. clarity. mood. inflammation.




therapeutic mushroom & adaptogen superfood.

daily superfood drink.
20 servings.


smooth blend of antioxidant rich cacao, mct, authentic mushroom extracts, prebiotic fiber and trace minerals. 

in the bag. 

*peruvian raw cacao. 
*coconut milk powder (mct).
*reishi mushroom extract.
*chaga mushroom extract.
*cordyceps mushroom extract.
*lions mane mushroom extract.
*ashwagandha extract.
*agave inulin. prebiotic
*acacia fiber. prebiotic
authentic himalayan salt. 
*debittered stevia extract.

^ fruiting body is the stem and cap of the mushroom. fruiting body extracts have the highest beta-glucan content and active compounds. fruiting body extracts do not contain any additional grain content. it's very important to know whether your mushroom products are made with mycelium or fruiting body. mycelium is an amazing and brilliant network, but mycelium powders are upto 80% less potent (beta-glucan and active compounds) than the fruiting body. more information found below. 


1,500mg performance mushrooms / serving

(3x stronger than four stigmatic. 12x stronger than MUD WTR)

+ chaga. 350 mg
+ reishi. 350 mg
lions mane. 500 mg
+ cordyceps. 300 mg

+ ashwagandha. 500 mg
+ prebiotic fiber. 3500 mg

+10mg caffeine / serving. 

+serving size. 8.25g (=1.5 tbsp)
+calories 37g calories from fat. 10
   +fat 2g
   +sodium 30mg
   +carbohydrates 5g
           +sugar 0g
           +fiber 4g 
           +protein 1g

*certified organic ingredient.

 tastes like an earthy hot chocolate.


how to make. 

+ mix 2x tablespoons in 4oz of hot water. 

+ top off with 6-8oz plant based milk (oat is awesome). 

+ enjoy daily.


powerful holistic health & wellness.

adaptive cacao blends have a wide range of holistic benefits with rich & powerful anti-oxidants, prebiotic fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. authentic chaga is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world with an orac rating of 52,000 and is known for improving immune response and balancing inflammation. ashwagandha & reishi are some of the most fundamentally beneficial remedies on the planet with powerful immune boosting and balancing properties that strengthen your body’s ability to heal itself. cordyceps and lions mane energize the mind and body for endurance and resilience to conquer life’s many challenges. roots apothecary adaptive cacao is the ultimate holistic combination for overall mental and physical health.

prebiotic fiber & gut health. 

acacia fiber and agave inulin are powerful forms of prebiotic fiber that help strengthen your healthy, low inflammatory microbiome. as your healthy gut bacteria strengthen, the bad bacteria is weakened. the more we learn about optimal health and performance, the more we understand the importance of healing your gut through a balanced microbiome. while acacia fiber and agave inulin are the two featured probiotics, 85% of the adaptive cacao ingredients are considered probiotic supplements for a healthy microbiome.

when gut health is optimized, nutrient absorption is optimized, inflammation is moderated, immune system intelligence is improved, brain fog decreases, cognitive function improves, athletic performance improves, bones are strengthened, sleep improves, anxiety decreases and more. gut health lays the foundation for all mental and physical health. strengthening your beneficial ^resident bacteria is one of the most important aspects to strengthening that foundation.

while probiotics are supplemental bacteria strains that help provide temporary balance to an otherwise unhealthy and inflammatory gut microbiome, their benefits come from "non-resident" microbes that will pass through the intestine. this means the benefits are temporary or transient. prebiotic fiber feeds and strengthens your resident microbiome, which stay in your intestine as a long term player in gut health. probiotics are very beneficial to supplementing the journey to better gut health, but prebiotic fiber is an absolute requirement of sustainable progress and long term gut health.

stress & inflammation. 

addressing stress and inflammation is at the core of our product development. we understand that so many of today's dysfunctions are caused or made worse by stress and inflammation. this is a truly holistic problem. reducing stress and inflammation is not an overnight process, but the results are widespread and highly impactful to everyday health, wellness and performance. weaving high quality adaptogens into your daily routine helps reduce the body's response to internal and external stressors, keeping cortisol levels lower and helping your mind-body allocate resources to rest, repair and growth (parasympathetic state). with consistent reduction is stress, your mind-body shifts to a state of healing and elevated performance. digestion improves, sleep improves, immune response improves, energy improves, mood improves, detoxification improves, clarity and focus improves. 

the same concept applies to inflammation levels. with consistent inflammation reduction, the body and mind is able to enter a state of healing and improved resource allocation. inflammation causes stress and stress causes inflammation, so when you address both at the same time, the benefits are amplified. its truly amazing what the mind and body are capable of when the conditions are right. the right conditions created with a nutrient rich diet, lowered stress and lowered inflammation levels. while there are countless factors to optimizing health and wellness, the foundation to improvement is lowered stress and inflammation. 

real mushrooms. 

therapeutic mushrooms are becoming very popular. like most natural remedies that become popular in the mainstream, the industry is being flooded with low quality, low therapeutic value mushrooms. the majority of mushroom products on the market test very low in beta-glucan and active compounds. when a mushroom tests high in polysaccharide content, but low in beta-glucan content, it's basically an exotic potato. high in starch, low in therapeutic value. 

our mushrooms are grown by the world's top respected mushroom farm. we literally use the best mushrooms in the world. certified organic, always above 30% total beta-glucan content which makes up at least 70% of the polysaccharide content. these are real mushrooms and they pack real benefits. 


tops the orac scale (the measure of anti-oxidant potential) as one of the most anti-oxidant rich superfoods on the plant containing over 200 phytonutrients and zero known toxins. chaga is used in functional medicine for boosting immune system, reduce inflammation and mitigate oxidative stress. 


similar to chaga, reishi is very diverse in benefit with high anti-oxidant value, inflammation balancing, anxiety calming and immune boosting properties. reishi mushroom is considered an adaptogen for its ability to calm the stress response. 


cordyceps mushroom is known for boosting mental and physical performance and is especially popular in the athletic community. this mushroom supports healthy adrenal function and boosts atp production. cordyceps is highly recommended for acute and chronic energy issues. 

lions mane

lions mane is one of the most popular mushrooms for its researched ability to promote better working memory, focus, neuro-plasticity and overall brain health. 


ashwagandha is considered the most fundamental adaptogen with powerful balancing influence on the stress response (hypothalamus- pituitary-adrenal system or HPA axis). balancing stress response helps to lower baseline stress and cortisol levels, stabilize mood and support sustainable energy levels. 


making adaptive cacao at home. demo the obvious.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Love it!

It’s great!

Caleb Crump
Fantastic product!

I love the adaptive cacao product! I feel energized and ready to go through various workouts, as a proffesional athlete I highly recommend this product. Health is wealth!

love this.

i have been using this daily for two weeks and have experienced a subtle but noticeable difference in my mood and surprisingly, my chronic pain. one of the benefits listed was reduced inflammation and i totally believe that it has helped me in that aspect. this is my favorite new morning ritual, and i will continue to use this product!

Kaycee Reeves
Ritual in a Cup

I’ve been using this as both a Ritual and an experiment. Here’s what I found out:
* need to connect with your focus, creativity, ability to get into flow?
This is for you. Once daily for about 3 days and you’ll notice a shift.
* difficult time winding down and getting good sleep (or staying asleep)?
This is for you, an hour before bed, as the beginning of your wind down ritual. Has helped to connect to dream time in a way that inspires purpose forward. After 5 days I really noticed a difference.
* just need better life balance?
This is for you. The plants are medicine and every body is different. That is what makes adaptogens so magical - it works with what you need to restore balance in the body and mind (personally, I’ve experienced a deeper connection to the sacredness of self - you will have to try it for yourself!). About 13 days into daily consumption I noticed an ability to get into flow or stay on track with less effort than usual. It’s a game changer if you’re balancing spiritual, mental, and physical wellness throughout the various roles one may inhabit (parent, professional or corporate personnel, educator, researcher, lifelong learners, and those still searching for unique and authentic expression).

Overall, I use as a daily ritual for my personal wellness and 10/10 recommend it for anyone who needs additional support towards greater clarity, grit, personal agency, and connection on multiple levels.